Venture Activities

CHEMIUM dedicates part of its resources, be it expert or financial, to supporting innovative projects borne by enthusiastic entrepreneurs.


Image Description Because we believe the dynamism of the EcoSystem that surrounds us is a key component of our success, we find it natural in return to support and stimulate the development of exciting new projects. CHEMIUM dedicates part of its resources, be it expert or financial, to supporting innovative projects borne by enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

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What we focus on :

Projects which on the one side can benefit from our industry expertise and on the other side meet our sustainability values.

  • Our Areas of Interest :
  • Renewable Energies
  • Efficient Chemistry
  • Energy Transition
  • Green Economy
  • Our criteria :
  • Industrial projects
  • Science-based
  • Sustainable
  • Exciting

Invested project : BoostHeat

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Founded in 2011, BOOSTHEAT designs, develops, produces and markets heating solutions that are technologically advanced, energy-efficient and sustainable. BOOSTHEAT's new-generation boilers feature a patented thermal compressor, enabling them to achieve efficiency of up to 200% and reducing energy consumption by up to half. They are more environmentally friendly and economical, giving all users the opportunity to achieve an immediate and significant reduction in their environmental impact.

The Company’s mission is to accelerate ecological transition with its products by making them affordable for the largest possible number of users. CHEMIUM invested in BoostHeat as early as 2012 and continued support through all rounds up to the IPO in 2019.

Invested project : The Innovation Fund

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The Innovation Fund is a sectorial fund that invests in innovative start-ups and companies active in the field of Chemistry and Life Sciences. Founded thanks to major industrial companies, like SOLVAY, BASF, CHEMIUM, CARMEUSE, RECTICEL, SIOEN, SOUDAL, TOTAL, DOMO, RAVAGO, ARKEMA, CHRISTEYNS, HUTCHINSON, etc, the Fund has a capital of 35m€ and an evergreen structure.

The implication of the industrial partners in the selection and management of investments makes the Innovation Fund unique, as it has the potential to bring significant industry expertise to the supported projects. CHEMIUM joined The Innovation Fund in 2016 and participates to its Board and Investment Committee.

Invested project : Fyteko

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Fyteko was created in 2014 in Brussels and develops innovative bio-based solutions to help crops resist under adverse climate conditions. Fyteko has patented the world’s first chemically well-defined molecule with a precise and specific, scientifically proven mode of action. In filed conditions, Nurseed and Nurspray, Fyeteko’s first products, improve abiotic stress resistance and crops’ recovery up to 50% after drought.

CHEMIUM invested in Fyteko in 2018 alongside the Innovation Fund and has a board representative. The investment will help Fyteko register and market its first molecule while encouraging further research into formulation and molecules.

Invested project : PurVer

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PurVer produces and sells Vermicompost, a natural fertiliser produced by composting worms. Originating from Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (University Liege-ULg), PurVer has a strong scientific knowledge in vermicomposting and in the agronomical value of Vermicompost. The efficiency of its technology and the market demand for such high-quality soil amendment have been demonstrated and PurVer is now considering geographical expansion at European level.

CHEMIUM invested in PurVer in 2018 together with S.R.I.W. Environnement and The Innovation Fund to accelerate the investments and the growth of this capital-intensive business and bring it to the level of profitability.

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Polyolefin Catalysts

CHEMIUM provides tailored catalyst solutions to polyolefins producers all over the world. We follow a boutique approach, developing specific recipes for any specific customer issue.

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Fine Chemicals

We leverage the most recent advances in Flow Chemistry, Computer Simulation and Data Exploitation to re-consider critical synthesis steps.

About Us

CHEMIUM is a ChemTech that leverages most recent advances in Flow Technologies and Data Sciences to focus on efficiency in chemical industry practices. CHEMIUM is also a supplier and manufacturer of Grignard Reagents.