Grignard reagents

CHEMIUM's commercially available Grignard solutions

All our commercially available Grignard solutions

CHEMIUM's available Grignard solutions

Product ID CAS Wt%* [RMgX]* Solvent**
iso-Propylmagnesium chloride IPMC 1068-55-9 20% 2.0 M THF
Ethlymagnesium bromide EMB 925-90-6 40% 3.4 M 2MeTHF
Phenylmagnesium bromide PMB 100-58-3 18% 1.0 M THF
Phenylmagnesium chloride PMCH 100-59-4 25% 1.9 M THF
4-Tolylmagnesium chloride TMC 696-61-7 15% 1.0 M THF
4-(N,N-Dimetylaniline)magnesium bromide 4DMAMB 7353-91-5 12% 0.5 M THF
Cyclopropylmagnesium bromide CPRMB 23719-80-4 8% 0.7 M THF
n-Butylmagnesium chloride NBMC 693-04-9 24% 2.0 M THF
Cyclohexylmagnesium chloride CHMC 931-51-1 20% 1.3 M THF/Toluene
4-Methoxyphenylmagnesium bromide 4MPMB 13139-86-1 11% 1.0 M THF
tert-Butylmagnesium chloride TBMC 677-22-5 20% 1.7 M THF
sec-Butylmagnesium chloride SBMC 15366-08-2 25% 2.1 M THF
Cyclopentylmagnesium bromide CPMB 33240-34-5 18% 1.0 M THF
n-Propylmagnesium bromide NPMB 927-77-5 27% 2.0 M THF
3-Methoxyphenylmagnesium bromide 3MPMB 189032-84-6 21% 1.0 M THF
4-Fluorophenylmagnesium bromide 4FPMB 352-13-6 19% 1.0 M THF

*/**: concentration & solvent can be adjusted on request

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CHEMIUM is a ChemTech that leverages most recent advances in Flow Technologies and Data Sciences to focus on efficiency in chemical industry practices. CHEMIUM is also a supplier and manufacturer of Grignard Reagents.