Efficiency by Design


Who we are

Image Description With strong roots in the petrochemical industry, CHEMIUM is a Specialty Chemicals company providing Catalyst (*) solutions for polyolefins and innovative solutions for challenging chemical intermediates. Our focus is on maximising process efficiency and reducing environmental footprint, both in our own and our customers’ processes.

Image Description Our vision is to translate the long-established efficiency mindset of the petrochemical industry to other sectors of the Chemicals industry. We achieve this through:

  • Efficiency-by-design, that is a continuous focus on efficiency in the entire development process, from the synthesis route to the manufacturing process
  • the challenge of status-quo and the application of modern research and solutions to continuous improvement of established practices that typically no longer receive optimisation efforts
  • Focusing on the provision of comprehensive and customised solutions to our customer’s unresolved problems
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We believe an industrial practice that has been in use for decades is not necessarily the most efficient. We seek for weaknesses in established practices and we passionately work at developing improvement solutions.

Our History

Image Description Even though it has Belgian roots, OFFICIUM Projects Ltd., the first group company, was founded in September 2010 in Hong Kong with the aim of providing project development support and expertise to decision makers and senior executives of large petrochemical investment projects in the emerging regions of Asia and CIS.

Image Description In 2012, OFFICIUM launches R&D activity with the goal to design, develop and commercialise advanced catalyst systems dedicated to the production of polyolefins under specific technologies.

Image Description CHEMIUM srl was established in October 2015 in Belgium to provide the full range of R&D services to the business, adding 2 new business pillars “Efficient Chemistry” and “Venture Capital” on top of the original “Projects” and “Catalysts”.

Our Activities

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Polyolefin Catalysts

CHEMIUM provides tailored catalyst solutions to polyolefins producers all over the world. We follow a boutique approach, developing specific recipes for any specific customer issue.

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Fine Chemicals

We leverage the most recent advances in Flow Chemistry, Computer Simulation and Data Exploitation to re-consider critical synthesis steps.

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Venture Activities

CHEMIUM dedicates part of its resources, be it expert or financial, to supporting innovative projects borne by enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

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About Us

CHEMIUM is a ChemTech that leverages most recent advances in Flow Technologies and Data Sciences to focus on efficiency in chemical industry practices. CHEMIUM is also a supplier and manufacturer of Grignard Reagents.